Dental Treatments For A Cleft Palate With Oligodontia

5 April 2016
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A cleft palate is a birth defect that causes the roof of the mouth to improperly form. The cleft or gap can affect the growth of the muscles near the rear of the mouth, which can lead to speech difficulties and trouble swallowing. Severe cleft palates are usually treated in infancy, but less prominent palates might be left for a variety of reasons. Cleft palates can sometimes be joined by oligodontia, a condition that involves at least six congenitally missing teeth. Read More 

Bruxism: What Is It And How Do You Stop It?

20 January 2016
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Have you noticed that you clench or grind your teeth, especially in a stressful situation? Sometimes, that's the only time you are aware that you're doing it, but it may be happening more often than you may realize. When teeth grinding, which is medically known as bruxism, happens on a regular basis, it can be harmful. What causes bruxism? How do you know you're doing it, and is there a cure? Read More